The 10 Experiences Tour

This will be a gastronomic tour through 10 regions of Mexico, enjoying some of the most representative dishes in a ten course dinner. Each dish has been carefully paired with a cocktail wine or beer, to match with its particular flavors. Should you/prefer non-alcoholie beberages we offer a variety of refreshing fruit drinks, also selected to match each course.

The 10 Experiences Tour

To help you immerse into the lushness and beauty of this country while you taste its flavors, we include an audiovisual accompaniment to your dinner; with fantastic images and Mexican music, and a bit of information of the 10 different regions that your palate will be visiting. BIENVENIDO A MÉXICO and… Buen provecho!


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10 Experiences Tour Welcomes you to Cozumel, see you soon!

Meet Lorena & Alejandro

The delights of Mexico!

“Derived from the passion Lorena and I have for Mexican cuisine, on our 40th wedding anniversary, we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant. It was then that I talked to Lorena about the idea, it had magic, and we became very excited about the concept, so we got to work passionately. Mexico had to be projected with the five senses. We put all our love and soul into the project. After 15 months of hard work, we launched 10 Experiences Tour in April 2018.”