More Than Just a Meal…

Review of: Gastronomic through 10 Regions of Mexico Thank you John Cacciutti for visiting 10 Experiences Tour once again! We hope you all enjoyed our Experience that is done with all the Love we have form Mexico! This is a must if you come to Cozumel! I came here with my family; 12 year old brother, me (21), and my parents. This is a good experience that I will surely remember for the rest of my life.It was more than just a Restaraunt dinner, it was like a dinner party at a friends house with amazing food, video tour, and chatting!
Our tour guide, Oscar, was amazing and answered all our questions and was very friendly!
We visited 10 regions of Mexico including Oaxaca, Mexico City, the Gulf Coast, Cozumel, and more!
Every course was delicious and impressive – definitely some of the best Mexican food we have ever had and will never forget. We had 10 courses including beef tacos, shrimp appetizer, Mexican soup, Mexican fruit dessert, and even chocolate tuna! My favorite was the soup and tacos! The alcohol pairings were also excellent and we got to try wine from the oldest winery in America and a cool rare alcohol only made in Mexico.

This is a great experience for any age and they even made replacement non-alcoholic drinks for the 12 year old! These drinks were also very delicious and if you are not a fan of alcohol, I recommend trying these to They serve margaritas, beer, white and red wine, Mexican alcohol, tequila, mezcal, and I think there is nearly a different alcohol for every course so pace yourself if you are a lightweight!

I learned more about the beautiful country of Mexico during this tour and felt the pride of Mexicans and felt like even I became Mexican for a night! I’ve never had a meal so amazing and the spectacular food, kind company, and video tour almost moved me to tears as I was overwhelmed by the joy of this experience and sadness that more people can not come visit Mexico and experience the beauty of the country and kindness of the people during this pandemic. I hope that more people can come to Cozumel soon and try out this amazing experience to learn more about Mexico!

The space was also very beautiful and lit up. We had the experience all to ourself and the staff made us feel like royalty throughout the whole meal! Oscar was a great host and Lorena and Alejandro were very friendly and great cooks and we were very happy to meet the chefs and creators of the experience and talk with them afterwards. If we return to Cozumel, we will definitely be trying out the 7 Experiences Tour!
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