¡Exclusive Taco Experience!

¡Exclusive Taco Experience!


Discover Mexico through its flavors! Embark on a unique culinary journey with our selection of tacos that will surprise you with every bite and the perfect pairing that will make your senses vibrate.

Our Tour

  • A tour through 10 states of the mexican republic through an immersive and sensory gastronomic experience.
  • A meal like you’ve never had before, 10 course meal with amenities, games and challenges.
  • 100% Mexican food, history, composition, evolution and gourmet presentation.
  • Dishes prepared by Chef Alejandro Torres, Zagat award-winning executive chef.
  • Food, drinks, desserts and alcohol included
  • See the complete itinerary for your day…

$128 USD

Each taco has been carefully paired with a cocktail, wine, and beer, to match its particular flavors.

Should you prefer non-alcoholic beverages, we offer a variety of refreshing fruit drinks, also selected to go with each course perfectly.

Exclusive tour limited to 12 people per event.

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